Importance of Eating Food close to nature

In nature, lower life forms support higher life forms. This is easily understood when one considers that without lichen and moss, soil could not be formed and so plants could not grow. Without plants, some animals would have no food and so could not exist. Human beings are at the top of the food chain; we are the highest life form, if only because of our extensive physical activities and our ability to think, to reason, to control, to create and communicate ideas. This makes us very complex beings with the greatest Nutritional needs.

Natural foods are abundant in nutrients, and a balanced supply of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and other compounds* is of utmost importance for a healthy body. With a healthy body an individual is able to pursue goals without the hindrance of ill-health / disease. This makes Good Nutrition a fundamental principle to Good Health, and subsequently increases the potential for success and happiness. At Nutritional Essence we take great pleasure and satisfaction when we help an individual achieve his/her optimal well-being, and witness the increased happiness a person feels when they regain their health.

  • Correct nutrition

Correct Nutrition assists in the prevention and treatment of numerous disorders. An obvious example is scurvy, suffered by early sailors, and caused by a severe Vitamin C deficiency, in other words a lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet. This deficiency results in a group of symptoms such as spongy gums, loose teeth, sunken eyes, anemia, muscle weakness, and scabby skin. Simply providing vegetables, fruit (or fruit juice) both prevented and cured this condition.

  • Nutrients work synergistically

Nutrients work synergistically (Greek: 'syn' together and  'ergein' to work). To demonstrate this by using the above example of scurvy, you can see that one of the symptoms is anemia. This is in fact due to an iron deficiency. Iron depends upon Vitamin C for it's absorption.

A balance of nutrients does not mean equal measures of individual nutrients. For example one function of the mineral calcium is the contraction of muscles. It works synergistically with magnesium, which relaxes muscles. In order to facilitate the contraction and subsequent relaxation of a muscle requires more calcium than magnesium.

  • Food close to nature

Foods close to nature commonly provide nutrients in the ratio that the body requires them. The more a food is processed, the further away it becomes from it's natural state, and the more it's synergistic nutrients are altered. Processed foods also contain added ingredients such as preservatives, which increasingly alters that food and it's nutrient ratios.